Escalade Crashed by Derek Fisher Was Registered to Matt Barnes

When reports emerged that Derek Fisher was arrested Sunday on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol after flipping a car on a highway near Los Angeles, many were reminded of his feud with Matt Barnes. That was because Fisher’s passenger was Gloria Govan, Barnes’s ex-wife and mother of his twin boys.

As it turned out, the incident, from which Fisher and Govan emerged relatively unharmed, featured an even more direct link between the former Knicks coach and the Warriors forward: the car Fisher totaled in the accident was registered to Barnes.

That’s according to TMZ Sports, which reported Thursday that the vehicle, a 2015 Cadillac Escalade, had been given to Govan by Barnes specifically for use with their two children. That’s not likely to improve the relationship between the 37-year-old Barnes and the 42-year-old Fisher, former teammates with the Lakers who were involved in a physical altercation in October 2015, after the latter had developed a romantic interest in Govan.

Barnes was suspended two games by the NBA for his role in that episode, after which he derided Fisher for choosing to “run and tell the cops and NBA.” The Golden State player, who got six seconds of playing time in Wednesday’s Game 3 win over the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, has subsequently used social media on several occasions to taunt his nemesis.

The California Highway patrol claimed (via the AP) that Fisher had been drinking before Sunday’s accident, in which he was said to have veered onto the shoulder of U.S. 101, then struck a concrete curb and guardrail. The Cadillac overturned and ended up resting on its roof, but the 18-year NBA player, who was fired by the Knicks in February 2016, and Govan, a former star on the reality show “Basketball Wives,” were not seriously injured.

“We are beyond grateful that we are both OK and no one else was involved,” Fisher and Govan said in a joint statement Sunday. He told TMZ Sports on Monday, “The most important part is that we’re here and that no one else was injured. So from here, just focusing on the positives.”

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