Michelle Ann Dunford aka: Michelle Wright, Michelle Dagostino is a thief

Michelle Dunford, aka Michelle Wright, Michelle Dagostino, Michelle Ann Newberry, is a convicted thief.  In my opinion, she is also committing disability fraud (She states she is on disability, but claims to be a business owner).  Take a good look at these pictures before you decide to trust this admitted thief.

On August 17, 2014, Ms. Dunford (or Wright, Dagostino, or whatever she is going by these days), committed two larceny crimes in Galax, Virginia.  She admitted that she stole from coin operated equipment (stealing from laundromats or parking meters or video games machines?).  Law enforcement charged her with four different theft crimes.

On October 27, 2014, Michelle Ann Dunford, admitted that she stole and was convicted and sentenced on two separate theft offenses.  She has now changed her name and is attempting to hide her criminal past.

She is trying to run from her crimes and her past and her dishonesty.  In addition to her multiple AKAs, she maintains multiple Facebook accounts under multiple different names.




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